Where To Put Cable Box For Wall Mounted Tv – A Comprehensive & Detailed Guide

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Have you ever seen TVs hanging on the wall? It’s like magic – no table, no stand, just TV on the wall! It’s a super cool way to watch your favorite shows, and it makes your room look awesome. Many people like to put their wall TVs above the fireplace – it looks really nice and cozy there!

Wall-mounted TVs are wonderful because they give you lots more room to play or hang out, and they look really nice. Plus, you don’t bump into them! Having a TV on the wall over a fireplace is something a lot of people like. It makes the room feel comfy and stylish!

However, there’s a little puzzle to solve. A lot of TVs need a cable box to show all the cool channels, and finding the right spot for this box can be tricky. When the TV is up on the wall, where should the cable box go?

No worries, though! We have come up with some easy-peasy steps to help you figure out where to put your cable box when your TV is hanging on the wall. We made it simple, so you’ll have no trouble understanding it!

We know putting the cable box in the right place can make some people scratch their heads. But we are here to help you! We have created a guide that’s super easy to follow. It will show you the best places to put your cable box, so it’s out of the way and everything looks neat and tidy.

In this guide, we will share tips and ideas that are really easy to understand. So, whether you are a kid or an adult, you’ll find the perfect spot for your cable box in no time!

Finding the Perfect Spot for Your Cable Box

So, we know many people like to hang their TVs above the fireplace. It looks super nice, and it’s right in the middle of your living room. But we have that tricky little box, the cable box, that we need to figure out where to put!

A cable box is like the brain for your TV. It’s what makes the TV show all your favorite channels! But putting the cable box in the right spot when your TV is above the fireplace can be a little bit like a puzzle.

And don’t forget about the wires! We want to keep them hidden so everything looks nice and clean. There are some stands and other cool tricks that can help hide the wires and keep everything organized.

Putting it on the Mantle

One idea is to put the cable box right on the fireplace mantle. If your mantle is big enough, this could be a good spot for it. But there are some things to think about!

Dealing with the Heat and the Mess: The mantle can get pretty warm, and we don’t want the cable box to get too hot! And the mantle can get crowded, with all sorts of stuff like pictures and decorations. We also don’t want a bunch of wires hanging down and looking messy. If your mantle is really wide, this might work. Otherwise, let’s think about other ideas!

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Building a Shelf Under the TV

Another idea is to make a little shelf right under the TV. This shelf can hold the cable box and maybe some other stuff like your video game console or DVD player.

Keeping Wires Tidy: To keep the wires looking nice and tidy, you can use little clips and zip ties to hold them together. You can even use a plastic cover to hide them! This way, your remote can still “talk” to your cable box, and everything looks neat.

Watching Out for Clutter: But, remember, shelves can sometimes get in the way, and we don’t want to block the view of your awesome TV. We also don’t want the shelf to get too crowded with stuff.

Hanging the Box Behind Your TV

A cool place to put your cable box is behind your TV on the wall! It keeps everything looking neat and tidy. But, we gotta make sure it fits back there without peeking out and that your TV model allows for it!

Simple and Elegant Setup: If you can hide your cable box behind your TV, it’ll look super sleek! To keep it in place, you can use some cable ties or sticky strips. This way, your box and wires will stay put!

Thinking About the Remote Control: Now, there’s something to think about: your remote control needs to be able to “talk” to the cable box. If the box is behind the TV, will it work properly? And if your TV wall mount tilts, we need to think about how it affects where your box and cables go!

Special Fixtures Can Help: Guess what? There are even some special fixtures you can get that fit on the back of your TV! They’re made for cable boxes to sit on, and they make this whole setup a breeze!

Using an Entertainment Center or Furniture

If you have a bunch of devices like gaming consoles, DVD players, and more, you might like using an entertainment center or another piece of furniture to hold everything!

Holding All Your Devices: Entertainment centers are like big shelves that can hold all your stuff. They usually have holes for all your cords and cables, or you can make some holes yourself (carefully!) if you need them.

Keep it Cool: Be mindful of ventilation to avoid overheating your cable box, as it can get damaged if it gets too hot. And remember, moving furniture around can sometimes mess with the signals, but a universal remote can help with that.

Managing Those Cables: For all those cables, putting a wire raceway on the wall can be a handy trick. It can hold and hide your HDMI cables and other cords connecting to the TV. If you prefer, you can even run wires inside the wall. Just make sure to use the right kit to do it!

Putting the Box in Another Room

Guess what? You can also tuck your cable box in a different room to keep it out of sight! This depends on how your house is set up, and it might be a bit of a big project, but it can make things look super neat and clean!

Avoiding Clutter: This way, there’s no clutter around your TV, and you don’t need a bunch of furniture to hold your cable box and other devices. It can be a bit pricey and complicated, but the result is really cool.

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Getting Some Help: Because it’s a tricky job, you might need to get some professionals to help out. They can make sure all the cables and stuff don’t get mixed up or interfere with each other.

Switching to a Smart TV or Subscription

Another awesome idea is to use a Smart TV or get a subscription package. This way, you don’t have to worry about hiding wires or buying cable management stuff.

Easy and Affordable Streaming: Streaming is easy on the wallet, and you can download all kinds of streaming apps right on your Smart TV. It’s super convenient!

Going Wireless with Your Cable Box

A wireless cable box can save you from the hassle of dealing with wires! You can put them anywhere in the room and avoid all the clutter.

Flexible Placement Options: No need for pricey setups to hide wires! You can place your wireless cable box on the mantle, in a cabinet, or even in a closet depending on where your seats are.

Using an RF Transmitter

An RF transmitter and receiver can make your cable box wireless! It changes the signal from your cable into your TV without any wires.

Avoiding Cable Chaos: With this setup, you can say goodbye to messy wires without needing a stand or a wire raceway. It’s a neat way to avoid the tangle of cables!

Hiding Cables for TVs Above Fireplaces

After getting that cable box all set up, it’s time to tackle those cables! We don’t want them dangling all over the place, right? Hiding cables is a different job from wiring inside the house, and it’s important to have the right tools and know-how. So let’s talk about this!

Thinking About Your Fireplace: Before jumping in, we gotta think about what kind of fireplace you have. Is it gas burning or wood burning? The structure and type of your fireplace make a big difference in how you’ll hide those cables.

Dealing with a Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces are usually found in newer homes. They typically have walls around them made of drywall or have wooden studs.

Fishing Wires: If you have a gas fireplace, you’re in luck! You can “fish” the wires through the wall. This means you can pull them through so they’re hidden away and out of sight!

Working with a Wood Burning Fireplace

Wood burning fireplaces are more common in older homes, and they usually have brick walls around them.

Using a Wire Raceway: If you’re dealing with bricks, fishing wires through the wall won’t work. But don’t worry! You can use a wire raceway to hide those TV wires. It’s like a neat little track that holds your cables and keeps them organized!

Extra Stuff to Know

When you decide to place your TV above the fireplace, a bunch of questions pop up. It’s not just about the TV; it’s also about managing that cable box and all those wires. So let’s dive a bit deeper into these questions:

How to Hide Those Pesky Wires?

Hiding in Plain Sight: There are quite a few ways to make those wires disappear. You can use wire raceways to tuck away the cables, go for internal wiring, or even get creative and hide them behind decorations like photo frames!

Securing the Wires: Whatever method you choose, it’s important to secure those wires. Cable clips or zip ties can be your best buddies here, keeping wires from swinging around and creating a mess.

Putting the Box in Another Room: Another option is to place your cable box in a different room. You’ll need to drill a hole and run the wires to an AV closet or similar space.

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Can the TV Really Go Above the Fireplace?

Heat and Your TV: Yes, it can! But, be warned, it’s usually not the best idea because the wall above the fireplace can get hot, and heat is no friend to your TV.

Solutions: Don’t worry, though! Building a sturdy mantle or mounting your TV on a protruding fireplace wall can help. Redirecting the heat away from your TV and other electronics is also super important. And, your cable box? That can chill on the mantle.

What Size TV is Best?

Size and Distance Matter: The size of your TV can be as big as you want, but remember, the bigger the TV, the farther away you need to sit! A good rule of thumb is to keep your distance at least 1.5 times the size of the TV.

Height Above the Fireplace: And don’t forget about height! It depends on how high your mantle is. A good placement is about 3 to 7 inches above the fireplace. This gives a good viewing angle and makes hiding those HDMI cables with a wire raceway a breeze.


Cable boxes are super common with TVs nowadays, offering a variety of channels. But placing them around a wall-mounted TV, especially one above a fireplace, can be tricky. With the tips and info shared here, hopefully, you’re feeling more prepared to create a setup that’s clean, safe, and enjoyable! Whether it’s deciding on TV size, hiding wires, or placing your cable box, remember to consider heat and placement to protect your electronics and get the best viewing experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I put my cable box for a wall-mounted TV?

Ideally, you should place the cable box in a nearby cabinet, shelf, or entertainment center. Ensure that it is within direct line of sight with the TV, as infrared signals are used by most remote controls for operation.

Can I mount the cable box behind the TV?

It is generally not recommended to mount the cable box directly behind the TV. This can cause signal interference and potentially affect the performance of your cable box. It is best to keep a clear line of sight between the cable box and the remote control.

Can I install the cable box inside the wall?

Installing the cable box inside the wall is not recommended, as it can lead to overheating and restrict the ventilation required for the cable box to function properly. It is always better to keep the cable box in an open area to ensure proper airflow.

How can I hide the cable box when using a wall-mounted TV?

To hide the cable box, you can consider using a cable box shelf or an infrared repeater system. These solutions allow you to place the cable box in a discreet location while still maintaining its functionality and remote control operation.

What if my cable outlet is far from the wall-mounted TV?

If your cable outlet is located far from the wall-mounted TV, you can use a longer HDMI cable to connect the cable box to the TV. Alternatively, you can use a wireless HDMI transmitter to transmit the signal from the cable box to the TV without the need for long cables.

Can I use a cable box mount to attach it directly to the TV?

No, it is not recommended to attach the cable box directly to the TV using a mount. The cable box is a separate device that requires proper ventilation and access for cable connections. Mounting it on the TV can lead to overheating and potential damage to both the TV and the cable box.

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