How To Make Emojis Bigger On Android – A Comprehensive & Detailed Guide

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Let’s explore the amazing world of emojis on Android! This article will show you how to make them bigger and enhance your emoji experience. We’ll uncover tips and tricks to make them stand out. Plus, discover a fun fact about the new emoji characters introduced in 2019.

One way to make emojis bigger is by adjusting the font size settings on your Android device. You can also find third-party keyboard apps offering customization options. If you’re feeling creative, try other messaging apps with unique features such as resizable or animated emojis.

Did you know? According to Emojipedia, over 1800 new emoji characters were introduced in 2019! They’ve become a universal language for people from all cultures.

So, let’s get ready to express yourself with oversized thumbs-up and heart-eyes emojis! Make your emotions stand out with supersized emoticons on Android.

Why you might want to make emojis bigger on Android

Reasons for making emojis bigger on Android devices? Let’s explore!

Visibility: Larger emojis help visually impaired people and small screens.

Expression: Bigger emojis make conversations more expressive.

Personalization: Increase size to make messages unique.

Accessibility: Easier for those with big fingers or limited dexterity.

Aesthetics: Some prefer the look of bigger emojis.

Cultural importance: Larger emojis convey emotions better in certain cultures.

However, customizing emojis may vary from device to device. Know the details for optimal usage!

Pro Tip: Experiment with sizes to find what works best for you.

Ready to make emojis the star of your Android version? Step 1: Check your Android version!

Step 1: Checking your Android version

Before enlarging your emojis, check your Android version to make sure it’s compatible. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Settings app on your device.
  2. Scroll down and tap “About phone” or “About device”.
  3. Look for “Android version” or “Software information”.
  4. The number here is your current Android version.
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It’s also a good idea to check your Android version to see if an update is needed. Did you know that emojis are a global language? According to Emojipedia, they let people from different cultures communicate easily with pictures. Get ready, because we’re going to explore the skill of increasing emojis size on Android!

Step 2: Adjusting the display settings

Make your emojis bigger on your Android device with these steps:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Scroll down & tap “Display”.
  3. Look for “Font size” or “Text size”.
  4. Increase the size.
  5. Exit the settings & enjoy bigger emojis!

Note: Adjusting may vary depending on the device model & Android version.

Did you know? Emojis were first created in Japan in the late 90s by Shigetaka Kurita, who worked at NTT DoCoMo. 176 emojis inspired by manga characters & Japanese culture became popular & spread worldwide with smartphones. Now, these small graphical icons are a universal language used by billions every day.

Make your emojis bigger with awesome third-party apps!

Step 3: Using third-party apps for emoji customization

Third-party apps can help you make emojis bigger on your Android device. Search the Google Play Store for “Big Emoji Keyboard” or “Emoji Maker” and read reviews to find the app that suits you. Download and install it, granting the necessary permissions.

Navigate to the settings or customization section and use the provided sliders, buttons, or numeric input fields to adjust the size. Preview the changes before applying them.

Plus, these third-party apps may offer personalized emoji creation, animated emojis, sticker packs, and more. Enjoy expressing yourself with bigger emojis! So why wait? Get a reliable emoji customization app today and upgrade your texting experience!

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Step 4: Testing and enjoying your bigger emojis

Testing and enjoying your bigger emojis is the most exciting part! After following the steps to increase their size, you can now see how impressive they look on your Android device.


  1. Open any messaging or social media app that supports emojis.
  2. Select the emoji you want from the keyboard.
  3. Marvel at the larger emoji appearing on your screen!

Your bigger emojis will make your messages stand out. Create conversations with these vibrant symbols and let your personality shine through! Here are some tips to maximize your impact:

  1. Be sparing: Don’t overdo it.
  2. Consider context: Make sure the emoji fits your message.
  3. Experiment with sizes: Adjust the size of your emoji to add nuance.

By applying these suggestions, you can enhance communication with bigger emojis on your Android device. Now you can express your true emotions without being confused!


This guide is comprehensive and detailed. We have provided the steps needed to make emojis bigger on Android. We have discussed multiple methods and given instructions to help you succeed.

Adjust font size settings, use third-party apps, and utilize alternative keyboard options – all these can help you get bigger emojis.

Emojis are essential for expressing emotions in today’s digital communication. With larger emojis, you can connect with people easily.

Up-to-date trends are important in this rapidly changing world. Making your emojis bigger keeps you current.

Don’t miss out! Follow our guide and start using larger emojis on your Android device now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make emojis bigger on Android?

To make emojis bigger on Android, follow these steps:
  • Open the messaging app where you want to send the emojis.
  • Tap on the text field to bring up the keyboard.
  • Locate the emoji button on the keyboard (usually a smiley face or a globe icon).
  • Tap and hold the emoji button to open the emoji panel.
  • Look for a slider or a size-adjustment option within the emoji panel.
  • Slide the adjuster to increase the size of the emojis.
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Why can't I find the size-adjustment option for emojis?

The availability of the size-adjustment option for emojis may vary depending on the device and messaging app you are using. Some older Android versions or messaging apps may not have this feature. Consider updating your device or using a different messaging app that supports emoji resizing.

Can I only make emojis bigger in text messages?

No, you can make emojis bigger in various messaging apps, including social media platforms like Facebook or WhatsApp. The method may slightly differ depending on the specific app, but generally, you can access the emoji panel and look for a size-adjustment option.

Is there a limit to how big I can make emojis?

There might be a limit to how big you can make emojis, depending on the app or device you are using. The maximum size may vary, but typically, emojis cannot be excessively enlarged to maintain readability and appearance. Experiment with different sizes to find the optimal balance.

Can I revert the emoji size back to normal?

Yes, most messaging apps allow you to revert the emoji size back to normal. Simply locate the size-adjustment option within the emoji panel and adjust it to the desired size or use the default setting.

Are there any third-party apps that can help with emoji resizing?

Yes, there are third-party keyboard apps available on the Google Play Store that offer advanced features, including emoji resizing. These apps may provide additional customization options and a wider range of emoji sizes to choose from. Search for "emoji keyboard" apps to explore different options.

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