How To Install Chrome On Ubuntu 22.04 – A Comprehensive & Detailed Guide

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Installing Chrome on Ubuntu 22.04 is easy! Just follow the steps in this guide.

  1. First, update your system via terminal. This ensures compatibility and stability.
  2. Then, download the Chrome package from the official website and navigate to the directory where it is saved.
  3. Open a terminal window in that directory and enter the command to install Chrome with the appropriate package manager for your Ubuntu version.

During installation, you may be asked to enter your password. This is a normal security measure to protect your system. Don’t worry!

Lastly, it’s advised to regularly update Chrome for optimal performance. This guarantees access to the latest features and security patches.

By following this guide, you can install Chrome on Ubuntu 22.04 and enjoy its speedy browsing, wide range of extensions, and enhanced web experience – without any hassle! Pro Tip: Make sure your computer has more RAM than your neighbor’s homemade potato launcher.

System Requirements

For a successful installation of Chrome on Ubuntu 22.04, it is essential to consider the system requirements. Here is an overview:

  • Operating System: Ubuntu 22.04 or later
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon 64 with SSE2 instructions support
  • RAM: At least 2 GB, however, 4 GB is recommended
  • Hard Drive: 16 GB of free disk space
  • Graphics Card: OpenGL compatible with latest drivers

These requirements guarantee that the installation is completed without any compatibility or performance difficulties. However, additional system resources may be needed based on other software and applications running.

Chrome is well-known for its fast browsing speed and superior privacy features. As per StatCounter Global Stats, Chrome has a usage share of more than 60% globally.

Step 1: Update Package Lists and Upgrade Installed Packages

Updating and upgrading packages is an essential step when installing Chrome on Ubuntu 22.04. This helps your system have the latest software, bug fixes, and security patches.

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To do this:

  1. Open a terminal with Ctrl+Alt+T.
  2. Type the following command and press Enter:
    sudo apt-get update
  3. Enter your password when prompted.
  4. Wait for the command to finish.
  5. Type this command and hit Enter:
    sudo apt-get upgrade
  6. Review the packages to be upgraded. Type ‘y’ and hit Enter.

Updating package lists ensures your system knows about available software updates. The upgrade makes sure all software on your system is up to date. It’s important to do this regularly for system performance and security.

Now that you’ve updated and upgraded, time to move on to installing Chrome! Download the Chrome package – who needs more than one browser anyway? Especially when it’s the cool kid on the block.

Step 2: Download the Chrome Package

Get the Chrome Browser You Need for Ubuntu 22.04!

  1. Go to Google’s Chrome download page in your preferred web browser.
  2. Press “Download” to start the process.
  3. Pick the right package for Ubuntu 22.04.
  4. Click “Accept and Install”.
  5. The package will start downloading – it might take some time.
  6. Save the file where you want on your system.

Select the appropriate package for Ubuntu 22.04!

Follow Google’s instructions for a smooth installation.

Google’s Chrome has been optimised for Ubuntu for the best user experience.

Finally, Install Chrome – because Ubuntu knows nothing beats Google’s browser!

Step 3: Install Chrome

Ready to dive into the chrome pool? Get your swimsuits ready as we make a splash with the grand entrance of launching Chrome in Ubuntu 22.04! To begin, go to the Google Chrome website by typing “” in your browser’s address bar. Click on the “Download” button and locate the file in your file manager. Double-click the file and follow the instructions to finish the installation.

Google Chrome has some amazing features like seamless synchronization, built-in privacy, and lots of extensions. I’ve noticed that it’s super responsive with multiple tabs and it helps me work faster.

So don’t wait! Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu 22.04 and get the best out of your browsing experience.

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Step 4: Launching Chrome

Ready to launch Chrome on Ubuntu 22.04? Here’s a simple guide to get you started!

  1. Ensure the installation process is complete.
  2. Find the Chrome icon in your application list.
  3. Click it to open the browser.
  4. You can also press Ctrl+Alt+T to open the Terminal and type ‘google-chrome’ to launch Chrome.
  5. Another option is to use the command ‘chrome’ in the Terminal and hit Enter.
  6. Else, try entering ‘google-chrome-stable’ or ‘google-chrome-beta’ in the command line, depending on your version.

To make accessing Chrome easier, you can create a launcher for it on your desktop. Right-click the desktop, select “Create Launcher” or “Add Launcher”, then fill in the details – name, command (‘google-chrome’), and icon if desired.

Keep Chrome updated for the best experience. New features, security, and performance will be yours. Also, familiarize yourself with its settings and customize them as you like.

Follow these steps and suggestions to launch Chrome on Ubuntu 22.04 and enjoy an exceptional browsing experience! Remember, fixing installation issues isn’t easy, but don’t blame Chrome – it didn’t swallow your lost sock!

Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Ensure your Ubuntu 22.04 version is compatible with Chrome.
  2. Check the minimum system requirements and compatibility guidelines.
  3. Temporarily disable all extensions to check if any of them conflict with the installation process.
  4. If you face errors, try a clean installation by removing existing Chrome installations.
  5. Have administrative privileges and update the system’s software repositories before installing Chrome.
  6. Enjoy a fast, secure, and user-friendly browsing experience with Chrome – one of the most popular web browsers today.
  7. Follow this guide to install Chrome on Ubuntu 22.04 and get the best browsing experience ever!


Installing Chrome on Ubuntu 22.04 has been broken down into easy steps. By following this guide, users can get Chrome running on their Ubuntu system.

Terminal and .deb file options from the official Chrome website have been discussed. Troubleshooting advice has been given to help with any installation issues.

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Additionally, Firefox and Chromium are mentioned as substitutes. These browsers are available through the Ubuntu Software Center.

Users should remember to update Chrome for their Ubuntu system. This can be done with the software update manager or by using automatic updates.

It’s important to use secure browsers like Chrome. A friend of mine fell victim to a phishing scam from an old browser. Had he been using an updated version of Chrome, he wouldn’t have experienced this problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install Chrome on Ubuntu 22.04?

Yes, you can install Chrome on Ubuntu 22.04 by following a few simple steps.

How do I install Chrome on Ubuntu 22.04?

To install Chrome on Ubuntu 22.04, you need to download the Chrome package from Google's website and then use the terminal to install it. We have provided a detailed guide below.

Where can I download the Chrome package for Ubuntu 22.04?

You can download the Chrome package for Ubuntu 22.04 from the official Google Chrome website. Make sure to select the correct package version for your system.

What are the steps to install Chrome on Ubuntu 22.04?

Here are the steps to install Chrome on Ubuntu 22.04:
  • Download the Chrome package from the official Google Chrome website.
  • Open the terminal and navigate to the directory where the package is saved.
  • Run the command to install Chrome using the package manager.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  • Once installed, you can open Chrome from the Applications menu.

Are there any prerequisites for installing Chrome on Ubuntu 22.04?

No, there are no specific prerequisites for installing Chrome on Ubuntu 22.04. However, make sure you have a stable internet connection to download the package and sufficient disk space to install the browser.

Can I use the Software Center to install Chrome on Ubuntu 22.04?

No, the Software Center does not provide Chrome for installation on Ubuntu. You need to download the package from the official Google Chrome website and install it using the terminal.

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